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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lab #4- Catch That Ball

I feel that every lab we go to at St. Mary's gets better and better. For this week my group was in the Preschool room. This might of been my favorite lab so far, because the Preschool kids were so much fun and they were so energetic. They were a pleasure to work with. I have worked with kids this age before, because my mom is a Preschool teacher and when I'm home for break I always go to her class and help her out and play with the kids. It is always so much fun. Before we went into the Preschool room, we watched all the kids throw and catch balls. I was surprised at how well some of the kids could throw and catch a ball. We had to watch two kids in particular. The two kids that we watched did a pretty good job of both catching and throwing. However, both of them needed to work on a couple of things. They were both still in the elementary level which is okay since they are both at a young age. When we went into the Preschool room the first thing we did was a craft with all the kids. They had to draw on paper that was in the shape of an egg and then we glued on colorful shapes to the "egg" as well. I was surprised at how well the kids did with this project. They all seemed to enjoy it, and it kept them busy for awhile. All the kids kept coming up to me and showing me their egg and what they drew on it. They were all really proud of there work. A lot of the kids drew flowers, bunnies, and crosses. After the project, I read a book to the kids. I read "Rainbow Fish." I picked this book because I remember my mom reading me the story when I was younger and it was one of my favorites. I always loved the colorful scales on the fish. The kids loved the book and they also liked to look at the scales like I did when I was little. Then, we ate a quick snack with the kids and then we went into the gym. First, we played a quick warm-up game with the kids to get some of their energy out. They had to copy everything that we did. If we hopped then they had to to hop. If we slid around the gym then they had to slide around the gym. The kids enjoyed moving around and the game was able to tire them out a little bit. After, we taught them the proper way to throw and catch a ball. Each of them got a partner and practiced with their partner. Then, each of them practiced throwing the ball into a soccer goal. They actually really loved this and we made a game out of it. We counted how many goals the kids could get. They were really into this game, and it kept them entertained for awhile which I was really surprised by. Overall, Lab #4 went very well and it was exciting to work with the little kids. I had a lot of fun. I am looking forward to next lab, because my group will be working with the older kids, and we can definitely play a lot of fun games with them.

Lab #4 Write Up and Assessment!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Baby Move" (Remix)

My group, the Powerpuff Girls called our video, "Baby Move." We were assigned Chapter 7 in the Motor Development PED 201 book. We used the song "Rack City" by: Tyga. We took out his lyrics, and used the instrumental version. We created our own lyrics using terms and concepts that were found in chapter 7. In this chapter you learn about infant reflexes and rhythmical stereotypes. I learned a lot from this chapter as we made the lyrics. I even learned what the word Babinski means. It is a reflex that is elicited by a stroke on the sole of the foot. There were other interesting words that I learned about in this chapter as well. This project allowed me to learn new material in a fun and creative way. My group had so much fun making the lyrics, recording our voices, and creating our video for this project. It was a great experience; I have never done anything like this in a classroom before. I'm definitely glad we did  this and I am looking forward to seeing everyone elses video's. I am also excited to perform our song for the whole class. However, I am a little nervous, but I am sure it will go great!

Don't forget to watch "Baby Move" CLICK HERE!!