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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Baby Move" (Remix)

My group, the Powerpuff Girls called our video, "Baby Move." We were assigned Chapter 7 in the Motor Development PED 201 book. We used the song "Rack City" by: Tyga. We took out his lyrics, and used the instrumental version. We created our own lyrics using terms and concepts that were found in chapter 7. In this chapter you learn about infant reflexes and rhythmical stereotypes. I learned a lot from this chapter as we made the lyrics. I even learned what the word Babinski means. It is a reflex that is elicited by a stroke on the sole of the foot. There were other interesting words that I learned about in this chapter as well. This project allowed me to learn new material in a fun and creative way. My group had so much fun making the lyrics, recording our voices, and creating our video for this project. It was a great experience; I have never done anything like this in a classroom before. I'm definitely glad we did  this and I am looking forward to seeing everyone elses video's. I am also excited to perform our song for the whole class. However, I am a little nervous, but I am sure it will go great!

Don't forget to watch "Baby Move" CLICK HERE!!

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