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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Post #5-Reaction to Virtus

Having Sister Harriett from St. Marys come into our classroom and do the Virtus workshop with us was a really great experience. The films that we watched made a huge impact on me. It was amazing to hear from children who had been sexually abused. There stories were very moving and touching but also hard to listen to, because you can tell these children have been through so much pain and suffering in their lives. When the two male abusers talked in the video and told the viewers how they get children to be comfortable around them and what they do to children was just awful to hear. It really made me sick to my stomach and it made me feel a little uncomfortable. On the other hand, it was very important to hear what they had to say so I know what to look for if I notice something suspicious occurring. If I notice something unusual occurring I know to call the hot line first and not the police, because I don't have to give the hot line my name and they will come in to the school and take care of the problem. I learned it is very important to report anything I see, because we wouldn't want anything to happen to any child. Who knows if someone reported to someone what was going on at Syracuse and at Penn State perhaps the situation could of been taken care of faster or maybe it wouldn't even had occurred at all. Overall, this workshop made me change how I will look at the things that occur in the classroom. Also, these videos were very powerful and definitely got the message across to all of us.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Post #4- Lab #1 Reflection

Last Monday, we went to St. Marys for the first time. I was a little nervous going there, because I didn't know what to expect. The kids were great, they were energetic and ready to play. The lab assistants did a good job with the kids. Most of the kids followed directions and played the game they were told to play. There was always one or two boys who would kind of just wander off sometimes. The Preschool room was so much fun. The kids were so cute and they had a great imagination. I played house with a couple little girls. It was interesting to see them interact with each other. When we played with the parachute in the gym the kids seemed to love it. They loved crawling underneath it. I even had a lot of fun playing with the parachute too. At the end of the lab, I thought dancing in the circle was a cute way to get the kids moving. A lot of them seemed very tired after that activity. Having all the kids and the college students get together in a circle in put their hand in and chant "St. Marys" was a great way to end the day. I had a lot of fun going to St. Marys, I'm excited to go back and to show the kids what game I have to play with them.

Lab #1 Write Up

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Post #3- "Learn Through the Physical" and Affective Growth

When someone says, "Learn Through the Physical," it could mean many different things. I believe "Learn Through the Physical" means that someone learns how to be physically fit. They learn how to eat properly, how to exercise right and how to take care of their body. Being physically fit means that a person has the ability to perform daily tasks without fatigue and to have sufficient energy reserves for participation. "Learn Through the Physical" could also have to do with a Physical Education class and the students in the class. If the students in this class have an effective physical education class they could psitively influence their cognitive affective development. This is an important goal in Physical Education. The students in this class could also permanently change their motor behavior brought about by experiences designed to foster understanding of the movement concepts, skill concepts, fitness concepts, and activity concepts of the developmental physical education program. This term is called concept learning and can occur in the Physical Education classroom or on a playing field. Many important academic concepts that are learned in the classroom can be taught and leaned in a Physical Education classroom.

Physical activity can impact a child's affective growth. The term affective growth can be described as learning that increases the ability of children to act, interact, and react effectively with other people as well as with themselves. When students get lots of physical activity their affective growth will develop and improve, because they will be surrounded by other students and they will need to communicate with each other and learn how to work together. When students participate in physical activity they will also need to learn how to be honest, how to play fairly, and how to cooperate. Learning these positive moral behaviors will increase the students affective growth and will help students to become a better person.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Post #2-First PED 201 Class

I was a little nervous about my first PED 201 class. There is a lot to do and a lot to remember for this class. However, I believe this class will be a lot of fun and a wonderful experience. During the first class, the professor went over where we would be going for our lab and what we would be doing  there. I'm excited to go to our lab at St. Marys, it sounds so much and I can't wait to meet the kids we will be working with. The professor also went over how to blog and how to set it up. Blogging is actually more fun than I thought it would be. Having a blog is like having a diary where you can write how you feel about everything. I look forward to writing more posts for my blog.
I'm excited to finally be in PED 201. I feel like I am finally in the major, and I will start to do things that I love. Going to St. Marys will be a good experience, because I will be working with kids and teaching them new things and those are two things that I enjoy doing. It's exciting to see kids learn how to do soemthing new. In the future, as a Physical Education teacher, I will be able to see children learn something new everyday in my class.

Post #1- reaction to blog and winter break

I have never had a blog before. I was a little nervous to make one, because I don't really know exactly how it works. It's actually easier than I thought and I'm starting to like it. I used to think blogs weren't useful at all, but I'm realizing that they could actually be helpful. In the future, I will be able to see what we did in PED 201 and what I enjoyed from the class.
This Winter break I volunteered at my high school with the school's track team. I used to run track back in high school and I really miss the sport. I came to their practices a couple of days a week and I helped some of the new kids on the team learn how to do cetain things such as, a handoff in a relay, how to go over hurdles, how to do a down start, and certain drills that should be done before every practice. I'm really glad I did that over my break. I saw so much improvement in the athletes that I helped out.