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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lab #3- Show me your muscles!

For lab number three at St. Mary's the theme was sports and my group was the gym group so we all had to prepare a game that had to do with leaping, jumping, sliding, and sports. The game I chose was called Oodles of Noodles. In this game, I laid out hockey sticks all around the gym. The students had to slide around the gym and when they got to a hockey stick they had to leap over it and then continue sliding. Once I blew the whistle all the students would stop and pose in a sports stance, such as throwing a ball, shooting a basketball, or kicking a soccer ball. Then, the students continued to slide around the gym, but this time they jumped over the hockey sticks. The students seemed to have fun with this game. They understood my directions and listened well when I explained the game to them. When I started the game only three kids wanted to play, but as the game went on more and more kids came over to join, because they noticed the other kids were having fun. As I was watching the students perform these locomotor skills I noticed that a lot of them struggled with them and a lot of them were definitely on the elementary level. A lot of the students had a hard time leaping and they even had to ask us what a leap was. We described it to them as taking a giant step. My group’s games all went very well and the kids seemed to have a lot of fun. After we finished the games we started to play tag for a little, but one boy ran into another boy and one of them got hurt pretty badly. So, we started to play soccer instead. There were a bunch of kids playing and many of them were getting really into it. I was able to see their competitive side come out a little. Later, we went down into the cafeteria and I ate a snack with some of the students and also colored with some of the girls. It was really entertaining and enjoyable to listen to them talk about school, their friends, and their family. Our third trip to St. Mary’s was very successful, and I can see myself improving each time I go there. I feel more comfortable around the students and talking in front of all them. I’m also starting to learn some of their names and learn unique things about each child. I’m looking forward to our next trip to the school; however it won’t be for a couple of weeks due to our spring break. At our next trip to St. Mary’s I will be in the pre-school room which should be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to work with the younger kids!

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