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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Performing Live At Poolside

On Wednesday, April 11th my group, "The Powerpuff Girls" performed our song "Baby Move." I was shocked when I saw how many people came to watch our performance at Poolside. There was a lot of falculty there and a lot of students from different classes came to watch as well. Professor Yang had a huge screen set up that played our music video and song in the background as we sang our song. I was extremely nervous to perform, because I have never sang in front of this many people ever. I thought it was scary to sing in front of just the class, but there were so many people at poolisde that I was even more nervous. Once I got up there to perform my nerves went away a little bit. Our performance went well and afterward many people came up to me and told me they really enjoyed our song. They said our song was catchy and they couldn't get it out of their head. Overall, this was a good experience for me, because it gave me confidence to stand up in front of a group of people and do something that I am not too comfortable doing.  

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