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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Great Debate Showdown

I thought the debate we had in class was awesome! I have never done anything like that before in a classroom. Each group made some great points that I would not even had thought about before. It was pretty cool that the whole debate was recorded and also that many pictures were taken and put on the blog. It was really fun tweeting during the debate, because I was able to see what my other classmates were thinking about during the debate and who they thought was going to win. I was also able to find more classmates on twitter and follow them because of the live twitter stream on the computer. I was part of the skills theme advocate group. We believe that every student should learn all the basic locomtor skills, because they are the basis for all other sports. If a child knows all these basic skills and can perform them well they will be able to participate in any activity of their choice I thought our group did a great job and we made many valid points. However, the other groups and even the board of education were able to fire it right back at us and ask us questions that were a little tricky to answer. In the end, the board of education concluded that both lifetime activities and the skills theme advocate group were both correct in different ways and they thought that both groups were very important. I'm very glad that we did this debate in this class and that I took part in it. I was able to learn new things about the stick group, the lifetime activites group, and I even learned some things about the locomotor skills as I was creating the powerpoint with my group. The debate was a lot of fun and I wish that I did more things like this in other classes of mine.

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