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Sunday, February 19, 2012

PE Hall of Shame

I have actually never played any of these games in my Physical Education classes. However, I have played tag but it was always a different kind of tag game. I remember I used to play red rover and spud during recess, but my friends and I would organize the game ourselves. All these games in the Hall of Shame are really fun games and I used to enjoy playing them. On the other hand, in a Phyiscal Education class the teacher should be teaching the students new games that they have never seen before. Outside of class students can organize their own game of spud or red rover, as I used to and they don't need a teacher there to do so. I believe the game of tag can be altered so that it doesn't need to be in the Hall of Shame. A teacher can alter the game of tag, so that everyone is "it" and if a student gets tagged twice they can just do fifteen jumping jacks or ten sit ups and then come back in the game. This modification will allow everyone student to be playing the whole time. Also, in a game of tag the teacher can have the students hop, skip, leap, or jump rather than just running. By doing this, it will allow the students to work on their locomotor skills and the students will be able to improve.

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