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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Post #5-Reaction to Virtus

Having Sister Harriett from St. Marys come into our classroom and do the Virtus workshop with us was a really great experience. The films that we watched made a huge impact on me. It was amazing to hear from children who had been sexually abused. There stories were very moving and touching but also hard to listen to, because you can tell these children have been through so much pain and suffering in their lives. When the two male abusers talked in the video and told the viewers how they get children to be comfortable around them and what they do to children was just awful to hear. It really made me sick to my stomach and it made me feel a little uncomfortable. On the other hand, it was very important to hear what they had to say so I know what to look for if I notice something suspicious occurring. If I notice something unusual occurring I know to call the hot line first and not the police, because I don't have to give the hot line my name and they will come in to the school and take care of the problem. I learned it is very important to report anything I see, because we wouldn't want anything to happen to any child. Who knows if someone reported to someone what was going on at Syracuse and at Penn State perhaps the situation could of been taken care of faster or maybe it wouldn't even had occurred at all. Overall, this workshop made me change how I will look at the things that occur in the classroom. Also, these videos were very powerful and definitely got the message across to all of us.

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